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"The greater the challenge, the greater the glory." --- Lorrin L. Lee


Since inception in January-1994 ( earlier as Infinitum Consulting ), KKC brings to its clients to its clients a spectrum of professional services. We are continually shifting and rapidly changing. We support companies and organizations that want to enter into the giant, lucrative ever-expanding but complex Indian market with the help of our consulting experience and with a business goals-directed plan.


A way of constructing patterns from the fragments of data available, and then manipulating them to form different patterns. K.K. Consulting, Inc. , India questions the assumptions of their clients about how pieces of the organization, the marketplace, or the community fit together. Change leaders remember that there are many solutions to a problem. Our kaleidoscopic knowledge is of the substantial element of the game on the international level.


  • KKC assists Indian co’s who  want to diversify, expand and improve their present operations and global activities with the help of our outstanding international business partners, advisors, and experts with board level experience and highly successful executives. 

  • KKC has 13 years international experience -  Extensive business experience in international settings throughout the western world. 

  • Our deep understanding of western world --- We understand the challenges of culturally diverse business encounters, different ways of doing business and bridging the divide between cultures.
  • Successful track record --- Completion of approx.  40 major int’l assignments in India.
  • As professionals, we work for objectives of our clients, they approve each of our steps, we report and they control continuously our results .

  • Good partners are hard to find. We make our client’s job easier. Our partnering experts will help find the right partner for our clients.

KKC specializes in :

* Joint Ventures , Technology Transfers, Strategic alliances in India with qualified companies from the west.

*  Also  M&A opportunities in EU , North America and  India itself.

We offer tailor-made solutions to foreign companies who are focusing on India for investment opportunities, market access and growth. And we assist dynamic Indian companies to acquire bridgeheads in Europe and other interesting markets through our associates.