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"The greater the challenge, the greater the glory." --- Lorrin L. Lee

Mergers & Acquisitions and Cross Border Opportunities

We have several offers of Mergers and acquisitions available in EU and North America besides India in various segments of Industries from our European business partner ICP Group  with its headquarters  in Duesseldorf, Germany .

These include existing ( and currently operational ) companies in automotive components, steel wire ropes, foundry, Hotels, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.

As you are aware of Mergers and acquisitions have gained importance in recent times with Indian business community. Business consolidation by large industrial houses, consolidation of business by multinationals operating in India, increasing competition amongst domestic companies and competition against imports have all combined to spur M&A activities in India. There are at least 2 types of these M&A offers, like :

  • Offers for Disinvestment of 100% share holding .
  • Substantial sale of equity , upto 51% or more.

Why do companies pursue mergers and acquisitions?  Primarily for growth. Some companies rely almost exclusively on acquisitions for growth and others for bridgehead overseas. Acquisitions are one means of bringing to a company the innovation and growth that has  "happened elsewhere." But it's important to emphasize that acquisitions complement your company's organic efforts, they are not a substitute for them. They are also a great way of adding new international talent to the company.

Please remember KK Consulting and its global team are not just a hand shake facilitators, as we offer entire range of important services. As consultants of highest calibre, and comprehensive service providers, it is  our utmost objective to defend your interests, especially to avoid risks and reduce purchase price to the bottom line if feasible. 

The comprehensive list of confirmed offers of M&A is available with us and can be sent to you at no obligation ( of course) for your wider choice. You may also visit the website of ICP Group to see the impressive offers of M&A’s :  www.icp-international.com