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"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." --- Thomas Jefferson

Outsourcing from India

We assist our customers in identifying cost effective sourcing alternatives for raw materials and components, as well as alternatives in processing and manufacturing of identified sourced materials. Through this service we brings to our customers a significant reduction of costs making a considerable impact on the bottom line.

We also assist our clients in quality governance and assurance for some sourcing assignments. Our value added services includes protecting the customers patents while providing specifications to the supplier.

Our Sourcing services focuses on sourcing of raw materials and ingredients for the any industry. Further we also undertake sourcing in the areas of Product Development.


Selection of Vendors
This includes drawing a list of vendors supplying the product.

Evaluation of Vendors
This involves carrying out a detailed due diligence on the potential vendors in order to meet the client objectives.

Order Placement
We facilitate order placement for the desired products to be sourced from the vendor.

We undertake the responsibility in providing the optimum quality product. We therefore monitor the supplies in order to ensure consistency of quality at the most competitive price. We assist and co-ordinate with the clients even in the case of any changes as well.