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"The greater the challenge, the greater the glory." --- Lorrin L. Lee


K.K. Consulting, Inc. will add to your marketing expertise whereby you can minimize your time of drawing profit by step-by-step advise, application, action, analysis and audit. We have the best knowledge base analytical tool to generate vital information you need to make well informed and effective bottom line decision.

Define Market Place : Opportunity, Reliability, Practicality
Market Scope (in Reality) with thorough Evaluation of your Products and Services
    for Customers In India - Product entry & Market entry Strategy
Use of National / Local Marketing, Customer Specific Information according to your needs
Systematic Search for your Buyers, Channel partners
Marketing Support in search of possible Marketing orJoint venture partners
Advertising, Marketing & Promotion strategies for Urban, Rural, Metros and overall
    Countrywide business in India
Recommending / Networking with other related Service Providers for Successful & Long
   term Business in India
Feedback on your request

We provide the full spectrum of international business consulting services for clients interested in doing business in India. We assist companies interested in investing, manufacturing or opening an office or factories in India. We are specialists in guiding small, medium, and family-owned businesses to expand their operations in Asia. We offer tailor-made solutions to foreign companies who are focusing on India for investment opportunities, market access and growth. Our services also help foreign companies in India to restructure their India strategy and expand their market.

We specialise in the following sector / industry :

Setting up and arranging M&A / Joint Ventures / technology transfers / strategic alliances / distributorship deals in India.

Searching & locating compatible Franchisees in India & overseas.

Agency arrangements.

Identify and pursue profitable Infrastructure projects.

Market Research Studies