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1. Cleanfield Alternative Energy Inc.                                                                 www.cleanfieldenergy.com
On October 18, 2010 - Cleanfield Alternative Energy Inc. ("Cleanfield") (TSX VENTURE: AIR) a leader in innovative sustainable energy technologies and building-integrated solutions, signed a license agreement (the “Agreement”) with Sai Prasad Energy Pvt. Ltd. (“SAI”), a subsidiary of the SAI Prasad Group of Companies. SAI is an arm's length party based in Pune, India with businesses spanning a multitude of industries including manufacturing and real estate development. Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, SAI will be granted exclusive manufacturing rights for off-grid systems for the continent of Asia.

 SAI has agreed to purchase $2 million of Cleanfield common shares in four installments subject to the approval and in accordance with the policies and regulations of the TSX Venture Exchange. As per the signed agreement, dated October 18, 2010, the first equity investment installment of $1 million will be made within 15-days following the signing of the Agreement. The remaining $1 million will be separated into three milestone payments with the final payment due within three months of Cleanfield delivering the final product. SAI will also pay Cleanfield a quarterly royalty fee on all sales and nominate a representative to become a director of Cleanfield.


1. Oneida Ltd., NY, USA                                                                                   http://www.oneida.com/ Oneida - Your Table Is Ready
Annual Sales : US$ 500 million approx., Company details : Incorporated in 1880, Oneida is the world's largest manufacturer of stainless steel and silverplated flatware for both the Consumer and Foodservice industries, and the largest supplier of dinnerware to the foodservice industry.

2. Wahl Clipper Corporation, Il. , USA                                                                            http://www.wahlclipper.com/
Annual Sales : Approx. US$ 300 million. Company details :  Incorporated in 1919, with plants in US, Europe and China. Wahl is world's largest manufacturer of ladies' & mens' shavers, professional hair clippers and grooming products. Products available in over 140 countries. Also manufactures pet clippers.

3. Hunter Fan Company, Fl., USA                                                                                    http://www.hunterfan.com/
Annual Sales : US$ 300 million approx.. Company details : A 116 year old company with 2 plants in USA, 1 each in China and Thailand. World's largest manufacturer of ceiling fans exporting to 75 countries. Hunter has over 83% brand awareness in the US .  

4. Libman Company, Inc. Il., USA                                                                                            http://www.libman.com/
LIBMAN started its operations in the USA in 1896. In 112 years since inception, they are world leaders in their product segment ( brooms, mops, brushes etc.), achieving annual sales of approx. US$ 100 million.

5. Regalware Inc., WI, USA                                                                              http://www.regalware.com/
Annual Sales : US$ 225 million approx., Company details : Incorporated in 1945, Regal is reportedly largest privately held appliances company manufacturing Stainless steel & non-stock cookware, small household appliances.

6. Component Design Northwest, Inc."  OR                                                          http://www.cdntimeandtemp.com/Visit CDN 
Founded in 1984, CDN are world leaders focused solely on time and temperature, offering the broadest assortment of thermometers and timers on the market. CDN products are sold in over 2,800 retail stores and over 13,000 commercial locations. All over the world, people rely on CDN for product innovation, superior customer service, quality and value. CDN currently sell a great deal to Starbucks.

7. Homedics, Inc. , MI                                                                                                         http://www.homedics.com/HoMedics
HoMedics (founded in 1987) have developed an extensive line of personal wellness products that allow you to relax your body, renew your spirit and simplify your life. As the innovative leader in self-care, wellness and personal health products, Homedics continue to strive to provide with products that promote the well-being.

8. Hunter-Kenory, FL, USA                                                                                                     www.kenroyhome.com/
A subsidiary of over 116 year old US Group Hunter , the companys Lighting Group designs and markets the lamps and lighting. Available via a distributor and retailer network worldwide, they grace millions of homes, offices and commercial spaces.  

9. Eagle Picher Industries, Inc., MI                                                                www.epcorp.com/EaglePicherIntern EaglePicher
Annual sales : Approx. US$ 700 million., Company details : A 154 year old company manufacturing electronic control panels and batteries for Patriot and sidewinder missiles, fighter planes, Boeing aircraft, and NASA missions, including rockets and satellites. Also manufacturing Carefree brand Sealed maintenance free rechargeable batteries.

10. C.B. Fleet Company, Inc., VA, USA                                                                                 http://www.cbfleet.com/Summer's EveFleetWitch
Incorporated in 1869, CB Fleet is one of the top manufacturers of unique health and beauty care products  with sales in excess of US$ 200 million. The company markets over 60 products in more than 75 countries and enjoys a leadership role in a range of niche OTC, cosmetic and toiletries categories, and is a worldwide leader in the oral and skin care categories

11. Envirotech Systems Inc., AZ, USA                                                                                 http://www.tankless.com/
This is tankless electronic water heater, is controlled by software driven microprocessor, the product Heats only the water you use, at the temperature you desire; Cold water is not required to regulate temperature; Programmable for selected time setting and water temperatures; Electricity is only used when water is required, therefore the cost of heating water is reduced.

12. Pelonis USA Ltd., PA , USA                                                                                             http://www.pelonis.com/ 
Company details : A 22 year old privately held company with plants in USA, China, Greece Russia & Taiwan. Company manufactures ceramic heaters, radiant room heaters, fan heaters , and a unique ceiling fan which is fitted with ceramic heater to emit hot air during winters.


1. Merloni ThermoSanitari SpA, Fabriano , Italy                                                              http://www.mtsgroup.com/
Products : Electric domestic Water Heaters ( Ariston Brand ) & Air Conditioners.
Annual sales : Over US$ 4 billion, Company details : A 71 year old Group with 18
plants worldwide ( 10 in Italy ). World's largest manufacturer of Domestic Water Heaters .

2. Indesit Company SpA, Fabriano , Italy                                                              http://www.indesitcompany.com/
Indesit Company ( earlier known as Merloni Elettrodomestici which was founded in 1930 ) is one of the top three white goods / household appliance manufacturers in Europe, producing and distributing more than 14 million units worldwide every year. These are its main brands: Ariston, Indesit, Hotpoint and Scholtès. With annual sales turnover of over Euro 3.5 billion, over 17500 employees and 18 production plants in EU, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, China and Ukraine, Indesit Company, has 4 product lines : cookers, hobs, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers.

3. Plados SpA & Telma Cucina, MC, Italy                                     http://www.telmacucina.it/ ; http://www.plados.it/
Plados - Complementi per cucine di autore
Annual Sales : US$ 300 million app., Company details : Member of famous Guzzini Group. A 15 year old company exporting to 50 countries. Has 2 plants in Italy and subsidiaries in France, UK, Luxembourg and Germany mnfg. Quartz Granite kitchen and bathroom sinks, Kitchen hobs. Member of Guzzini Group.

4. Glem Gas SpA, MO , Italy                                                                                                http://www.glemgas.com/
Annual Sales : US$ 50 million approx., Internationally known as a point of reference in the field of cooking appliances. Incorporated in 1959, Glem Gas today it is one of the largest manufacturers of LPG cooking ranges in the world. Manufactures over 1000 cooking ranges every day. 

5. Carexco Trading Corporation Srl, FI , Italy                                                                        http://www.carexco.it/
Annual sales : Approx. US$ 100 million. A 13 year old company manufacturing processed foods and frozen Italian food ( including pasta, lasagna, pizza etc.) and Electric Pumps. Carexco has distributors in 35 countries. They have won several prestigious awards for their outstanding quality and taste.

6. Thermowatt SpA, AN , Italy                                                             http://www.mts.it/ , http://www.thermowatt.it/Thermowatt
Annual sales : Approx. US$ 95 million. A 52 year old company manufacturing stem type thermostats for water heaters and also tubular heating elements. A leading OEM supplier to some best known brands of appliances .

7. Tecnopali SpA, Italy                                                                                                              http://www.tecnopali.it/ 

Incorporated in 1980, mnfg.Tubular steel poles and towers for public infrastructures (Power Supply,Lighting, Telecom, etc.1st European Group being awarded with ISO 9001 in 1992. After acquisition of Petitjean SA, France (€ 80 Mn. TO), this group is  1° player in Europe with an aggregate turnover of approx. € 250 Million.  2nd largest company in the world manufacturing Poles, masts and towers. 

8. CSIL, Milano, Italy                                          http://www.csilmilano.com/ ; http://www.worldfurnitureonline.com/CSIL logo
CSIL is well known 20 year old consulting co. which conducts market research study in leading countries worldwide on furniture, furnishing, lighting, interiors, woodworking machinery, providing qualified forecasts for the main 50 furniture markets in the world. One of Europe's leading research institute.

9. Sant Andrea, Vercelli, Italy                                                                                                 http://www.oneida.com/Oneida - Your Table Is Ready
Subsidiary company of Oneida Group's (USA). Mnfg. Silver plated cutlery /chaffing dishes for Hotel industry/Flatware / cutlery / tableware / glassware. Their silver plated hollowware products for the hotel industry are known as reference products in most countries.

10. Oikos Cucine SpA, PU, Italy                                                                                         http://www.oikoscucine.it/logo Oikos 
Incorporated in 1987, Oikos Kitchen Furniture company is a well known manufacturer of Kitchen Furniture. With annual sales of approx. Euro 15 million, Oikos export 80% of their production to France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Israel, Holland, Spain , Bulgaria, USA, Czech Republic, etc.

11. Elica SpA, Fabriano . Italy                                                                                                        http://www.elica.it/

Annual sales : Approx. US$ 300 million, A 32 year old Group with 4 plants in Italy. World's largest manufacturer of Cooker Hoods / Chimneys with annual sales in  excess of 2.5 million units. Elica exports 90% of its production.

12. Francom Srl, Cassola, VI , Italy                                           http://www.syncro-system.com/contatti/privacy.asp

Products : Electronic Room safes , tool boxes and modular van equipments,  tool boxes in iron - metallic trunks - furnishing and equipment for vans. Owned by Comunello family.

13. TVM Termoventilmec SpA, TV , Italy                                                          http://www.tvm-termoventilmec.com/
Annual Sales : Over US$ 15 million. A 51 year old company, specialising in air treatment, mnfg. PTF / DTF bag filters , Cyclones , dust extraction and soundproofing the source of noise, disposal of dust and waste with energy recovery from combustible waste. The company has JV in Spain, Brazil and Indonesia. 

14. Rintal SpA, Forli, Italy                                                                                                      http://www.rintal.com/Rintal stairs production: a new concept in stair : modular staircases, spiral stairs, folding stairs, wood and steel stairs
Incorporated in 1974, Rintal (an ISO 9001 certified company) has grown into a large company, becoming a laboratory for projects, technical innovations and design through the creation of new solutions and staircase models. They provide the right solution to any stair related problem. Rintal stairs are made to take you higher, to decorate, to gain space.

15. Olimpia Splendid SpA, BS, Italy                                                                                   www.olimpiasplendid.com

Annual Sales : US$ 55 million approx., Incorporated in 1956, Olimpia has 3 plants in Italy with over 10% market share of mobile AC's in Italy and Wall split room air conditioners & mobile AC's & air purifiers. Also has a JV unit in Spain.

16. Meritalia SpA, Como, Italy                                                                                                http://www.meritalia.it/
Annual Sales : US$ 70 million approx., Incorporated in 1987, co. exports 95% of its production. Has 4 plants in Italy and subsidiaries in Dubai, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Meritalia produces upholstered furniture (arm-chairs, sofas) but around it, there is a network of other factories which work wood, marble and metals.

17. Ricagni Condizionatori SpA, MI, Italy                                                                                http://www.ricagni.it/
Annual Sales : US$ 25 million approx., Wall split, ceiling & Mobile / portable room air conditioners. A 41 year old company, manufacturing 30,000 Air Conditioners annually.

18. Stellatta Srl, Ferrara, Italy
Products : Portable electric carpentry tools

19. Europlast Srl, Italy                                                                                               http://www.europlastonline.com/
Incorporated in 1979, Europlast has created a formula: Marmoresina, a material which is the result of many years of research. Marmoresina is a substitutive product of the natural marble, constituted for approximately 90% of powders and grains of inert of marble and agglomerated with special resins for outside facades of the buildings an aspect of great aesthetic effect easily noticeable by the experts of the field. The technology and 25 years of experience have allowed to obtain manufactured products of particular shapes and dimensions, with a thickness even of five millimetres impossible to realize in natural marble. A company abreast with the times which, besides a line of standard products, manufactures, on drawing, articles of not easy execution with any kind of material. The manufactures in Marmoresina confer to the facades of the buildings an aspect of great aesthetic effect easily noticeable by the experts of the field.

20. Idro meccanica Srl, Italy                                                                                           http://www.idromeccanica.it/
A world leader is manufacturing CNG compressors and boosters for nearly 40 long years. These equipments have been installed successfully in many developed countries of the world like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Italy etc. where Idro meccanica is market leader. Besides it’s also leader in high ambient countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil, and India. Idro meccanica gas compressors guarantee faithful service and working over several years with very limited after-sales-service requirements, thanks to their low speed ( 20 – 30 cycles per minute vs. 600-1500 rpm of traditional compressors ) low-maintenance , non-lubricated gas pistons with hydraulic transmission.

SWEDEN : Flag of  Sweden

1. EKS Intl AB, Smalandsstenar, Sweden                                                                             http://www.eks-int.com/
Annual Sales : US$ 55 million approx. A 53 year old company with 6 plants ( including Sweden, France and China ) , EKS is world's 2nd largest manufacturer of mechanical and electronic personal / kitchen weighing scales. Exporting to over 100 countries. 

2. IT System Vast AB, Goteborg, Sweden                                                                                    http://www.itsv.com/
Company details : A software development company mainly for telecom industry of Scandinavia.

3. AMB Trade AB, Askersund, Sweden
Annual Sales : US$ 20 million approx., A 20 year old ISO-9001 company, manufacturing and marketing several wooden products required for construction industry. The co. has branches in Russia, Latvia and Estonia.

4. Miki Toys , Gemla , Sweden                                                                                                    http://www.micki.se/
Annual Sales : US$ 10 million approx., A 57 year old company manufacturing outstanding range of pre-school wooden toys and train.

5. Boda Nova Keramic AB, Sweden                                                                                     http://www.bodanova.se/

Products : Ceramics, Stainless steel cutlery & Glassware


1. Urho Viljanmaa OY ( Jalas), Jokipii , Finland                                                                     http://www.jalas.com
Annual Sales : US$ 35 million approx. , Products : Leather shoes for men & women. Company details : Over 80 years old company, largest manufacturer of shoes in Finland. Co. has 2 plants in Finland and is owner of famous Jalas and Topman brands 


2. Satakenka OY, Rauma , Finland                                                                                       http://www.satakenka.fi/
Annual Sales; Approx. US$ 25 Million, Products : Formal leather shoes for men.


1. AWS Schfer Technologie, Wilnsdorf, Germany                                                                  http://www.aws-stg.de/
AWS Schafer are the pioneers in the field of automotive part hydroforming. Hydroforming is a forming method, by which a pipe or a hollow section is expanded into the cavity of a 2-piece die by means of a pressurized fluid, the die being closed and kept closed by means of a press or a locking device. Supplied equipment to GM, BMW, Ford, Volkswagen etc..

2. Robert Thomas GmbH, Neunkirchen, Germany                                                        http://www.robert-thomas.de/
Annual Sales : US$ 70 Million, Products : Vacuum Cleaners & room heaters

3. Stecoge GmbH , Germany
Annual Sales : US$ 7 Million, Products : Forged hand tools JV with 100% buy back


1. UEA, Brussels , Belgium                                                                                                    http://www.ueanet.com/
UEA is the Furniture Federation of EU Manufactures. This is world's largest furniture association representing 15 EU Countries and over 10,000 furniture manufactures . 15 EU countries are members of this association, which include 4 of G-7 countries ( UK, Italy, France & Germany) .

SPAIN : Flag of Spain

 1. H.O.P.E, Navarra, Hispano Oriental Productora de Esparragos,                                 www.conservashope.com/
Annual Sales : US$ 35 million approx., Company details : A 37 year old privately held company. HOPE has successful JV units / farms of Asparagus in China, Peru and Argentina, besides own subsidiary in Spain.

UK : [Flag of the United Kingdom]

 1. D.H. Haden Plc, Staffordshire, UK                                                                         http://www.dhhaden.co.uk/
Annual Sales : US$ 40 million approx., A 37 year old company with plants in UK, Poland & Czech Republic. The company manufactures over 1.5 million electric kettles and toasters. 


1. Conti , Istanbul , Turkey                                                                                           http://www.contivac.com/Conti AS
Annual Sales : US$ 400 million approx. ( of the Cankurtaran Holding Group ), Products : Small household appliances ( Vacuum cleaners, Food Processors. Irons etc.), Company details : A 15 year old company with 2 plants in Istanbul, UK . Conti products are sold in over 30 countries in South America, Far East, EU and Middle East.

SOUTH KOREA : http://rokdrop.com/2009/05/29/korea-finder-16-09/

MP System Co., Ltd. , KOREA
One of the world leaders in automatic multilevel car parking systems. Incorporated in 1995 and with experience of 10 years in the field of multilevel car parking systems, they have been installed in over 7000 spaces in several sites in Korea & China, and in the process of installing in Spain, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, England and Netherlands.